Monday, July 30, 2012

NgnGuru Public Courses Schedule for H2 2012

NgnGuru Solutions is now offering public courses on LTE, HSPA & HSPA+ technology. Course schedule and price details are as below.
DATECourse NameTimeDelivery MediaPriceRegister
January 21, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
February 11, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
February 18, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
February 25, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
March 17, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
March 24, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
April 21, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
April 28, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
May 19, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
May 26, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
June 16, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
June 23, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00closed
August 18, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
September 1, 2012LTE Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
September 22, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
October 13, 2012LTE-Advanced Primer9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
November 3, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM CST (USA)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
November 24, 2012HSPA/HSPA+ Essentials9:00AM-5.00AM (India)Web Based$399.00 $799.00
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