Saturday, March 6, 2010

RF Planning, Optimization & Drive Test Training in India

NgnGuru Solutions is now offering "RF Planning, Optimization & Drive Test" Training in India. This training is essential requirement from the telecom companies for RF Engineer profile. This training is of 2.5 month duration and includes eLearning, classroom & field traiinigs.

NgnGuru Solutions provides both placement support as well as job opportunities. For more details email For RF related opportunities visit

Telecom Training Website

NgnGuru Solutions recently launched a Telecom Training only website This site is exlusivily designed for professionals, students and corporate to quickly access the needed information. In addition this website provides free access to veru useful telecom specific whitepapers, trainings & eLearning video.

NgnGuru Telecom courses and training modules have been designed in such a way that telecom professionals engaged in networking, wireless and wired communication, and internet telephony, as well as engineering and technology students keeps themselves updated with the latest developments happening in the field of telecom.