Sunday, September 12, 2010

Web Based 3G (UMTS, HSPA), 4G (LTE) Training

Web-based training is a way of delivering of NgnGuru's "classroom" Telecom courses via the Internet using online Web training tools. These full-day, online versions of NgnGuru's instructor-led programs are segmented into three 2-hour or two 3-hour sessions with 15 min break in between. Participation is possible from anywhere with a computer with Internet access. Students save on travel time and expenses.

Each web-based training course is facilitated by an NgnGuru instructor and may include relevant NgnGuru staff members. NgnGuru instructor shares the presentation material, whiteboard, and conducts Q&A session as well.

The courses are limited to the first 15 people who register to allow for optimum participant interaction. Participants also have an opportunity to ask questions during the session by typing in questions through an online chat feature.

Courses offered by NgnGuru Solutions may not require any previous knowledge or understanding of telecom technologies, for more information about course contents download wireless training catalog. Please send an email to to know more about course schedule & registration details.

Telecom eLearning module is also available for remote/online learning, download eLearning training catalog for more details.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LTE Presentations

Saturday, July 24, 2010

LTE, WiMAX, Femtocell White Papers

LTE Whitepapers, Tutorials

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Basics

An excellent webinar presented by Rohde & Schwarz on the basics of Long Term Evolution (LTE) a year ago.

Part 01 - LTE Introduction

Part 02 - LTE Parameters and Downlink Modulation

Part 03 - OFDMA and Downlink Frame Structure Details

Part 04 - SC-FDMA and LTE Uplink

Part 05 - Network and Protocol Architecture

Part 06 - Channel Mapping and UE Categories

Part 07 - Initial Cell Search and Cell Selection

Part 08 - System Information

Part 09 - Random Access Procedures and EPS Bearer Setup

Part 10 - Uplink Channels and Signals

Part 11 - LTE Mobility and MIMO Introduction

Part 12 - Downlink and Uplink MIMO in LTE

Part 13 - eNodeB and UE Performance Requirements

Part 14 - UE Certification and Field Trials

View more at LteWorld

Friday, April 23, 2010

Video Tutorial - Femtocell

This basic training module assumes that you already have some basic understanding of GSM, GPRS & UMTS technologies. The purpose of this training is to provide overview of Femtocell requirements, architecture and nodes.

Video Tutorial - Long Term Evolution Overview

This basic training module assumes that you already have some basic understanding of GSM, GPRS & UMTS technologies. The purpose of this training is to provide overview of LTE requirements, architecture and nodes.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

RF Planning, Optimization & Drive Test Training in India

NgnGuru Solutions is now offering "RF Planning, Optimization & Drive Test" Training in India. This training is essential requirement from the telecom companies for RF Engineer profile. This training is of 2.5 month duration and includes eLearning, classroom & field traiinigs.

NgnGuru Solutions provides both placement support as well as job opportunities. For more details email For RF related opportunities visit

Telecom Training Website

NgnGuru Solutions recently launched a Telecom Training only website This site is exlusivily designed for professionals, students and corporate to quickly access the needed information. In addition this website provides free access to veru useful telecom specific whitepapers, trainings & eLearning video.

NgnGuru Telecom courses and training modules have been designed in such a way that telecom professionals engaged in networking, wireless and wired communication, and internet telephony, as well as engineering and technology students keeps themselves updated with the latest developments happening in the field of telecom.